image by Yifan Yaing
image by Yifan Yaing

TCA LAB | Alternate Dialogues

Selected Productions of Open Call

Following the open call Alternative Dialogues, The Common Affairs (TCA) has selected 4 promising projects to support their production. We have received entries from applicants of diverse professional backgrounds. The proposed projects are also very diverse in the approach and subject area.

The selection has carefully taken into account both conceptual approach and relevance to the contemporary media landscape. The awarded projects demonstrate the ambition to critically discuss urgent social subjects with a broad audience, challenging both artistic and journalistic discourse. The team has come to a selection of the following proposals:

— Gwendolyne Röttger | Journey To Digital Literacy
— Mark Jan Van Tellingen | Paranoia Watch
— Tom Kemp | Difficult Salad
— Xiaofeng Dai | Commentary Informed

Additionally, the team recognized many of the other proposals with exceptional qualities which could be developed as an independent project within the future program or together with our partners. As a platform, we seek to expand and exchange the knowledge with like-minded individuals and are constantly developing new models for collaboration.