Homo-erotische liefde in de islam, mag dat? | Janna Ullrich
Homo-erotische liefde in de islam, mag dat? | Janna Ullrich

Homo Erotic Love by Janna Ullrich

A fortunate collaboration between The Common Affairs, Algemeen Dagblad and MyChannels

Last month, The Common Affairs invited a group of highly talented artists and designers including Janna Ullich, Isaura Sanwirjatmo, Rebekka Fries, Julia Veldman, Derk Over and Jan Waatze, for the realization of 90 second video explainers. The videos are now published on the website of Algemeen Dagblad (AD) and MyChannels. The content of the video is determined by one overarching journalistic theme, namely the phenomenon of Gay Pride.

Through this pilot The Common Affairs strives to challenge the creative possibilities of the videos of AD and MyChannels. High quality productions that are closely related to the perception and nature of the AD reader. The Common Affairs acted in intiative as a producer and creative director between AD and a network of talented experts. Makers who in their daily practice, not only limit themselves to the visualization of content, but have emphatic experience in dealing complex journalistic issues for a wide audience.

This month, the Amsterdam Gay Pride celebrates sexual diversity. The festivities also include Muslims. Homophobia is actually relatively new in the Islamic world. Just 150 years ago, European travellers who arrived in the Islamic world were shocked about the open sexuality that they encountered.