The Hmm
The Hmm

Upcoming : TCA at The Hmm Event

Join our next lecture at Vondel CS in Amsterdam

The Hmm is a real-life Tumblr. An evening of high-speed scrolling and discovering 10 new things on the way. Going from glitch to GIF, The Hmm takes a critical look at the aesthetic, political, technological and social dimensions of contemporary visual culture. We’re currently on our second season (2017).

Abelmanbroer - New Vlogger on the Block
belit sağ - Have We Seen Each Other Before?
Jella van Eck - The Acceptance of Fake
Jurre van Bergen - Going Incognito
Lisa Moret - Reality Show Encyclopedia
Max Dovey - Political Narratives of Technology
The Common Affairs - Journalism ♥ Design
Tessa Kersten - Images of Feminism
Sander Ettema - Illustrations of Digital Culture
Simon Moker - Smoking on YouTube
Monika Gruzite - Intimacy and the Network


Date: Wednesday 3 May 2017 at 20:00
Tickets: €8 (only available @ the door)
Location: Vondel CS, Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam.

See here for more information.